Anna Utopia Giordano is an italian artist who literally slimmed down the Roman goddess of love in her recent project called "Venus". She took famous paintings of Venus, made by various well-known artists, like Boticelli or Tiziano, and applied them an extreme Photoshop makeover. The beautiful Rubenesque bodies of Venus were transformed into seize-zero ones to fit today's standards of beauty. What Anna Utopia Giordana wanted to show with this "liposuctioned-paintings" is that times have changed and our perseption of beauty have 'evolved' ... in a wrong way if you ask me. Despite of the aesthetic standards of our current society, I still believe chubbier women are ten times sexier than "having one-foot-in-the-grave" kind of woman. Of course, I am not promoting fat and obesity, not at all. And by fat, I mean the type that has to purchase two tickets for herself on an airplane or for a football game... All I'm saying is that a voluptuous woman, with curvy hips, does look more attractive and sexier than the unhealthy, anorexic one, which seems to have the body of a 10 years old girl. I think we all agree that  Mariah Carey looks way hotter than, let's say, Lindsay Lohan, right?

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