Art is all around us. It colors our world and adds magic to our days. It makes us think, and sometimes makes us buy. It fills our airwaves, and enhances our internet experiences. And our Facebook profiles. Yeap, you read that right. The arts community is definitely more expanded because of sites like Facebook. Social media is a great way to market and promote your work, to connect with buyers or other artists. Personally, I really value the beauty of Web surfing and discovering a gem of a painting, the pleasure of meeting other creative souls I might otherwise never have known. 

         Thanks to Facebook, I’ve met Andrei Pavel, a brilliant Romanian-based artist I want to introduce you to today. Born in Bucharest, Romania, in 3 march 1983, Andrei, as he states, writes what he cannot paint and paints what he cannot write. Painting helps him to express the unconscious thoughts and dreams through the effective utilization of peculiar ideas, but he doesn't limit himself to this field. Drawing, poetry, photography, digital art, songwriting, performance and recording are just a few that span the breadth of Andrei’s range of work and help him share his visions with the rest of the world. He has created a portfolio that should greatly impress any viewer. With sheer talent, skill, unfettered sensitivity and thoughtfulness, Andrei is a rara avis in the cold and nihilistic world of contemporary art.

From his earlier fanciful works with a strong touch of surrealism to his latest ones, emotions ride close to the surface in a potent pleasure which makes the endorphins spring forth. The details, colors, backgrounds, and passion in his paintings requires almost no verbal explanation.  

He has exhibited extensively throughout his career, he published some of his poems, he produced an art TV show and he also has a blog where you can listen to some of his songs , view videos, paintings in progress and stills of more work.
For a young 29 years old man, his activity so far is pretty impressive. It amazes me how people like Andrei have molded themselves to such heights of being and existence, wouldn't it be nice if the whole humanity would be more like this? 


So, if you're a beauty lover, you might want to check his website: http://www.sssfinxxx.ro/en/ or his personal blog:  http://sssfinxxx.ro/blog/  , they're both a true feast for the eyes. Or maybe you just want to show some love to his Facebook page, eh?:)  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sssfinxxx-Andrei-Pavel/198461353529152
Andrei in action, working on his latest piece, "Outher thoughts". Enjoy!
3/18/2012 03:35:12

So Romania is not only about beautiful women but great artists also? I might want to go there someday

Andreea M
3/18/2012 03:37:26


3/18/2012 04:05:44

there is so much more :D

3/18/2012 19:50:03

seamana cu Dali

3/18/2012 20:42:17

seamana dar nu rasare. am zis si aici : http://sssfinxxx.ro/blog/2011/09/06/6268/

iti recomand sa treci prin galerie, a fost o perioada la inceput

6/21/2012 11:16:56

I created a weebly blog after seeing how simple it looked.


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