If you love art and you like penis (or maybe you like art and you love penis??) then look no further! Australian "artist" Tim Patch, who insists in being addressed as Pricasso, uses his "thing" as a brush to execute pretty good portraits in acrylic paint. 

"I use acrylic paint water based so it washes off easily" (good for you , not sure how the old willy would have done in mineral spirits or turpentine...just saying..). "The only problem I have is the acidic properties in paint eating away the skin, especially if I have it constantly submerged in paint, so I make a bit of performance of washing every 10 minutes.  I videotape all my work because sometimes people don’t believe me.” says Patch. I wonder why haha. 

Initially, he realised that canvas was too abrasive for his “natural brush” so he switched to paper, but he’s now back to smoothed-back canvas… for a better effect (as we all know, art requires compromises). Things must have been going really great, as the guy actually makes a living from this penis puppetry — which he calls “dick tricks”. He takes his show on the road, offering performances at adult parties and appearing at different sex product fairs around the world painting portraits, landscapes and female nudes. He had also painted portraits of some of the worlds most famous people including George Bush and the Queen of England. To have your picture painted by a penis must be so flattering, don't you agree? I don't even wanna know where he gets his white paint from lol.

However, let's get serious now. There's a huge difference between "art" and a "funny thing to do". Art means way more than just fooling around with colours and your willy. You can't say wooow I paint with my dick. I'm definitely an artist, quick quick to the Louvre. No, art isn't reduced to marketing tactics like branding and artificially perceived value. What this guy is doing it's not art, it's  entertainment. Just a funny, interesting, creative(??) thing ( and quite disturbing for some people, from what I've seen on the Internet). Personally, I find it amusing, rather than offensive. And the paintings aren't really that bad. At least that little thing can be used for something, right? ;)
If you wanna know more about him, you should check his website: http://www.pricasso.com/

Also, if you're over 18 years of age, here are some nasty videos to watch! Pricasso in actioooonn!



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