Today, I want to introduce you to an amazing artist I just found on Flickr. His name is Rai Escalé and he is a spanish illustrator specialized in portraits and caricatures, mostly for literary and cultural publications. I'll just go through some quick infos about him and then let the pictures speak for themselves:
  • Rai lives and works in Barcelona. 
  • He has illustrated for La Vanguardia, Lateral, Quimera, Benzina and other spanish literary magazines.
  • He also paints under the name of Miroir Noir, together with the Slovakian Milos Koptak.
  • He has exhibited in many other cities in Europe and USA.
  • He is co-founder of the artistic platform Eat Meat, in Barcelona. 
  • His very personal visual imagery and extravagant painting-collage techniques result in the disturbing portraits that characterize his style. He says  that he does not know in advance what he is going to put on the canvas, nor does he decide what colors to use. He does not will to do anything, he does not seek to do anything. He allows his sensibilities a free rein, paints in a trance--a trance which has all the acuteness, the visual definiteness of dreams. His only care is to be faithful to what is given, to what is found, to paint what he sees.  
  • His Flickr account:

Now, here are some of my favourite works from him. You cand find more on Flickr or on his personal website:

"Orange Pet"
"Beach Ghost 5"
"Italian Heater"
"Sainte Roue"
"Nos Mao"
"Red Chimæra"

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