The possibilities of things you can do is endless when it comes to the Internet. Some use it to find sexy singles in their area, some use it for online shopping, some for music and movies, some like to chat with friends and some are basically just into that porn type stuff  (don't act shocked and morally insulted, we've all been there at some point of our lives!).
Right now, my primary use for the internet is for a combination of art and information collection. I love to discover interesting artists or art related news, that I have never heard of before and Internet it's a perfect tool for that! This is how I discovered Minjin Lee the other day, while I was browsing on Flickr for some visual goodies. Minjin is a young Korean artist that lives in New York. She has recently graduated from the SVA Illustration as Visual Essay MFA program and she's making some really cool stuff. With a background in illustration, she also paints, her style being described as a "delightful absurdity", due to her use of candy-colors, bold patterning and repetition. It is clearly that she loves to play with colors and paints over and over on papers until she feels satisfied about it. Minjin explains her work as a way to satirize social norms and ideas of “otherness”, mixing  the contemporary Korean popular culture with ancient Korean tradition and history: "It’s about Korea. Korean people would easily notice what I draw, non Korean people would wonder what the stories are about (...) I almost never make sketches. I like to see how it goes without planning it. I am not only interested in pop culture, tradition, and social issue in Korea, but I also love to show my personal outlook on ordinary things in different vision. I often mix up and make up abnormal scenes on my paintings." Right now, she's looking for a job in New York that will let her use these amazing skills: "I would love to draw cute little characters for school supplies such as pen/pencils, pencil case, folder, lovely patterns for note book cover, greeting card, book mark and box tape tote bag and lunch box etc. I was always surrounded as a kid by those too lovely yet well designed products in South Korea. I was often asked where I get my cute journals from American friends. So I think I have seen enough things and now it’s time to make my own designs".
I really hope she gets what she wants, because she has a great potential and it would be a shame not to explore this talent.

You can find her here:

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