Remakes of works of art, the procedure during which an artist recreates an already known oeuvre, has been occupying the minds of the artists since the Renaissance.  Now, some people over at have given us the gift of the "Remake" project, which challenged art lovers all over the world to recreate classical work of art in an unique way, using photography only. No paintings, no drawings, no collages, just photography! 
Some contestants chose to recreate some pretty close copies of the original artwork , paying attention to the very last detail, while others took the subject and reimagined it in a modern, original,and even silly way. The one who won the contest and walked away with the prize ( the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection -$899). was Justin Nunnink, with his interpretation of "The Ship” by Salvador Dali (you can see it down below).
Even though I'm not really a big fan of the straight up recreation of a painting in film/digital type deal, I've still selected a whole bunch of my personal favourites. So here they are!
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